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My Tibetan name “Rangdröl ” means “self liberated” and was given to me by my current teacher the non-sectarian (Rimay) Master Ringu Tulku Rinpoche to whom I am very grateful for opening up to me the richness of the Dharma teachings wherever they are found.

I initially came across Buddhist Teachings on "no-self" whilst studying Psychology at the University of Bangor, North Wales in the late seventies and this immediately struck a chord with me. Since then I have studied and practiced in all the main traditions of Buddhism though my main teachers have come from the Tibetan Tradition. I have lived in a number of Buddhist Communities for around 15 years including 4 years at Samye Ling,  a year at Gaia House and nearly a decade at Sharpham both in the Sharpham North Buddhist Community and Sharpham College for Buddhist Studies and Contemporary Enquiry where I instigated the first Mindfulness Days.

I have a BA Honours degree in Psychology and a Post Grad Teaching qualification which includes Guidance and Counselling, both from University College of North Wales, Bangor. I also have a Certificate in Advanced Counselling Skills from Plymouth University. I have given counselling at The Barn Rural Retreat and at a Family Unit with the NHS. I am an experienced teacher of mindfulness and am trained in MiSP - the Mindfulness in Schools Programme.

I am a qualified Hypnotherapist, Past Life Regression Therapist and Counsellor who is inspired by Jack Elias CHT, founder of the Institute for Therapeutic Learning, Seattle, USA. I am also a member of the the Past Life Therapists Association.

I am a student of Buddhism in general and Tibetan Buddhism in particular and have had many teachers from many traditions including Christian and Hindu. My principal teacher is Ringu Tulku Rinpoche and I sometimes host Rinpoche’s Bodhicharya Group at my home in Totnes.

I currently teach meditation and aspects of Buddhism such as Mind Training at the Golden Buddha Centre, in Totnes.

I have been practicing and teaching meditation and mindfulness for many years. I have taught at Sharpham College for Buddhist Studies and Contemporary Enquiry where I was also a student and co-manager of the College for four years. I have also taught at Samye Ling (the first Tibetan Buddhist Monastery in the West co-founded by Choje Akong Tulku Rinpoche), where I lived and trained for four years, The Barn, (a meditation retreat centre) and The King’s Fund (an independent charity working to improve health and health care in England).

During the time I spent at Sharpham I established the first Mindfulness Days, taught Mindfulness for Stress Management to teachers and had my essay “Sustainable Living” published in “Mindfulness in the Marketplace” by Parrallax Press. I have also given talks and workshops based on this at both Sharpham and Gaia House.

I am the chairperson of Rigul Trust - a charity set up by Ringu Tulku Rinpoche with others to provide health care, education & poverty relief to Tibetan refugees in India and for people in remote areas of Tibet such as Rigul.

I am cleared on UK and Spanish police databases to work with young people and adolescents.   

Clear Light Hypnotherapy, Deep Recall Therapy (Past Life Therapy) and Clear Light Mindfulness Training were founded by me to help people to realise their full potential.

My dedicated practice space is in Totnes, Devon. If you would like to learn more about any of this please see contact details.


“Wise and inspiring” ,

“good words for when doing the “right” thing seems in vain.”

“Today’s experience with Colin opened my eyes to aspects of myself that I had not consciously considered, or should I say accepted, of myself. Colin was patient, calming and diligently lead me through the process of self discovery and realisation through regression. A true facilitator and someone I would recommend.”

 “The time that I shared with your group was very special and useful for me”.

“I have no hesitation in recommending the  Stress Management Workshop led by Colin. It was presented in a professional and enjoyable way with good use of illustrations and handouts.

We felt the benefits straight away, and have since found our stress coping strategies enhanced.”  

“Colin is a good facilitator having the maturity and sensitivity not to fall into the “Western spiritual teacher” syndrome”.


“ Definitely a keeper to treasure..”

Praise for “Mindfulness in the Marketplace:

Mindfulness in the Marketplace is a great gift to the world in these troubled times.”

— Joseph Goldstein, author of “One Dharma.”

“This exceptional collection of bright minds and visionary thinkers take on one of the ultimate challenges facing us and our planet.”

–Jeffrey Hollender, President & CEO, Seventh Generation

“Where the rubber meets the road for contemporary Buddhists.”

–Peter Barnes, co-founder, Working Assets

“Mindfulness in the Marketplace sows seeds of compassion, ecological ethics, idealism, and economic justice, and provides insightful economic analysis and direction for personal action.”

–Randy Hayes, Founder & President of Rainforest Action Network

“Mindfulness in the Marketplace helps us understand that consuming in the 21st century is a new form of activism.”

–Gary Hirshberg, President & CEO, Stonyfield Farm

“If the Buddha were here today, he’d likely encourage us all to read this book and follow the path of mindful consumption.”

–Alisa Gravitz, Director of Co-op America

“Mindfulness in the Marketplace does a great job of leading us toward wiser, cleaner patterns of consumption.”

–Jay Ogilvy, cofounder of Global Business Network

About Colin R. Moore BA Hons (Psychology)

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