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In my work as a photographer I try to be aware of the totality of my thoughts, feelings and perceptions, attending carefully to those which I feel come from the empty space of the ground of awareness where it is possible to see things freshly.

               Basically I am mindful of my thoughts, feelings and perceptions as I work and allow them to inspire in me a creative response which results in the finished work. I feel that it is not possible to “capture” an image but it is always possible to be inspired by what one sees.

               I trained informally for a number of years in art schools, starting with Birkenhead Art School which I attended as a 6th form art student, then briefly in Essen University where I was invited to attend undergraduate classes and later with artist friends.  I try to use what I learned there in the process of taking the photos and editing. I am particularly interested in the effects of light.

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