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Clear Light Attention Training

 For adults, teenagers and children.

Groups and individuals. Totnes, South Hams, South Devon.

Learn how to calm the mind, improve focus, manage distractions.

Time tested methods and clear results.


Please contact to discuss rates.

Few things affect the quality of our lives more than our capacity to attend. If we can’t focus our attention due to agitation or dullness it is difficult to do anything well. We find it hard to study, work, listen, play or sleep adequately when our attention is deficient.

Children and adolescents are often diagnosed with ADHD and are prescribed Ritalin which may temporarily alleviate attention disorders but does nothing to cure it.

The way we perceive reality is closely tied to where we put our attention and if we have little control over it we are at the mercy of every passing distraction.

Clear Light Attention Training starts from where you are and through a time tested and easily understandable training ends with an attention span that has the potential to last for hours.

For more details please contact me.

“For the moment what we attend to is reality” William James

“Each of us chooses, by way of attending to things, the universe we inhabit and the people we encounter” B. Alan Wallace.

“…Sometimes our mind is so distracted and so busy thinking that it cannot stay focused for even one or two minutes. As soon as we relax, it goes here and there. Our untrained mind is like a wild and drunken elephant led by a wild and drunken monkey. It's very active, like a monkey who can't stay still for a moment, and it's very forceful, like an elephant, so heavy that it tramples everything underfoot. The mind needs to be trained…..” Ringu Tulku Rinpoche

Free audio -  Introduction to Meditation.

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