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 Deep Recall Therapy (Past Life Therapy), Clear Light Spiritual Mentoring, Buddhist Hypnotherapy,

Clear Light Mindfulness and Clear Light Attention Training.

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Private consultations in dedicated space here at “Dewachen”  

or as pre-arranged on Skype (see contact details).

"Clear light, the essence of mind, needs to be experienced again and again."
Ringu Tulku Rinpoche, "Confusion Arises as Wisdom", Shambhala 2012

Praise for Colin’s work :  

“Wise and inspiring”

“Good words for when doing the “right” thing seems in vain.”

Today’s experience with Colin opened my eyes to aspects of myself that I had not consciously considered, or should I say, accepted. Colin was patient, calming and … lead me through the process of self discovery and realisation through regression. A true facilitator and someone I would recommend.”

 your group on Mondays was very special and useful for me. Be sure

“It's been really a great experience with Colin. His voice guided me in the journey towards a deep state of mental and physical relaxation and helped me solve some of the problems that have haunted me for a long time. I'm glad to have known him and definitely recommend him!”  

“It was a very pleasant, but intense experience, where I have been able, through suggestions, to see things in a new perspective.”

“Colin is a good facilitator having the maturity and sensitivity not to fall into the “Western spiritual teacher” syndrome”.

I have no hesitation in recommending the Stress Management Workshop led by Colin. It was presented in a professional and enjoyable way with good use of illustrations and handouts.

We felt the benefits straight away, and have since found our stress coping strategies enhanced.”  

“Attending your sessions was a pleasure.

The time that I shared with your group was very special and useful for me.” 

“ Definitely a keeper to treasure…”

Colin R. Moore

BA (Hons) Psychology, Member Past Life Therapists Assoc. (MPLTA), PGCE inc. Counselling and Guidance

 Dip. Advanced Counselling skills.

Medicine Buddha

Healing blockages, clearing destructive emotions and creating space for peace and joy.

Welcome to

Clear Light Mind

 Deep Recall Therapy

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